Subscriber & Team Notification Platform

SMS/Text & Email Options

You can upload subscribers that you know want to receive status updates and notifications of incidents and/or scheduled maintenance. On your public status page, people can also choose to subscribe and will have a control panel where they can choose how they want to get notified. We offer Service Level Subscriptions and the following features with ALL of our plans.


Service Level Subscriptions / Notifications - Plan Detail

Each subscriber and team member can choose which Services they are interested in and only receive notifications in status changes about relevant Services. Your subscribers simply don’t need to receive notifications from services that don’t apply to them. As an example let's say your CDN Service is having downtime which means that maybe you would need to apply more resources to your own servers. Subscribers interested in a CRM integration service probably are not interested in receiving a CDN degraded performance notification.

In order to activate this feature, other status pages force you into a premium plan costing $399 and up or simply don’t have this feature. We at believe you should enjoy premium features on ALL our plans include Service Level Subscriptions at no additional cost.

Email Notifications Webhook
SMS Notifications
(we have non-sms plans as well)
Slack Integration